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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Flying Free

Side Effects of You
Fantasia’s New CD

Wow, Fantasia has done a complete 360 and has come out the other end even more humbled and soulful.  It is difficult to imagine as she has always appeared humble but more so now than ever.  Simply put in her own words; ‘Birds fly free with no worry…..’ Fantasia goes on full of emotion as she exclaims ‘I feel God has turned me into a bird….. not to live in my past but to look forward to my future’. 

As she reviews her new album Side Effects of You, she is full of passion so much so that she begins to cry as she expresses the joy and gratitude she feels for her journey.  She makes excuses that she is just a cry baby but her rapture is felt by all in her presence.  Proudly, Fantasia refers to her new song collection, as “Rock Soul”.

Fantasia considers the Executive Producer, Harmony Samuels her ‘baby Quincy Jones’.  In reference to his studio and team; ‘I feel I am supposed to be here!  I grew up in a musical gospel family with KC and Jojo who are my cousins.  I always wanted to do an album like Michael Jackson did with Quincy Jones and to me, this is my album.’  The seamless connection the Grammy Award winning songstress shares with her production family at London Bridges Studios is strong and evident on the CD.  Importantly, every song sounds unique; no two songs sound the same which is crucial for career longevity.

Tracks include a duet with grown up Jamia Simone Nash who played a young Fantasia in Life is Not a Fairytale: The Fantasia Barrino Story, a smooth reggae track that invites listeners to nod in rhythm to the creamy beat and one that is sure to be at the top of the pop charts Without Me a collaboration with Kelly Roland and Missy Elliot. The new CD is a heartfelt
reflection of her story, past and present as she soars into her future.

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